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M & B Tools and Equipment
1024 W. Pasadena Frwy
Pasadena, TX 77506
Phone: 713-477-6188

Home of the philosophy of “HAMBURGER, FRENCH FRIES AND ONION RINGS” in the industrial and contractor businesses.
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M & B Tools and Equipment, Inc. is a very unique industrial surplus company located on the Houston Ship Channel. We buy and sell quality new and used industrial tools, equipment and supplies used by the industrial contractors in the plants and refineries of the greater Gulf Coast for the last 27 years and pass the savings to you.

We purchase this inventory at a huge discount to take it all usually for (1) price because the plants, refineries and contractors do not normally put it all back in stock or their warehouses. We buy it, recondition it, if needed, and stock it in our warehouse at a huge discount, usually a 40% – 70% discount off of what our customers normally pay from their vendors.

We have a repair shop that reconditions and refurbishes the equipment, tools and accessories to like new condition (job ready) and stock the accessories, parts (used or new) on the shelf.

This is where our philosophy comes in. An example of how I have always explained it is when a customer rents or purchases an air tool from any one of the many mill supply houses in the Houston area, that is what he gets – an air tool. To me, that’s like going into a McDonald’s and getting a burger only. When a customer orders an air tool from us it’s complete with the hoses, oiler and connectors. We toss in the fries and onion rings for a complete meal. When the material is picked up, it’s ready to go. In short, the “french fries and onion rings ” which are the accessories, parts, and mill supplies that go with the “hamburger” which is the equipment and tools. We have the knowledge and experience and usually the advice, if needed, of what “french fries and onion rings” that you need to go with the “hamburger”. 

We stock most of everything you need because it comes from Industrial jobs!
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