Policy and Regulations

Here at M&B we buy, sell and rent out tools. However, if you would like to rent tools, you must hold an open account with us. You may be eligible to open an account by completing the credit application attached below. After we review your application and contact your references, we will be able to further assist you. We are a Net 30 company and we accept the following credit cards for purchases for those who do not have an open account.



American Express




 M&B Tools has a repair department with highly qualified mechanics. Any tool that a customer needs repaired will be inspected for a $25 estimation fee. In order to determine the issue/s with a tool, we tear it down. When we diagnose the problem, we leave the tool disassembled and quote the customer.  If the customer does not agree to make the repairs through M&B, we leave the tool disassembled. If the customer decides to work with us, we will fix the tool in a timely manner. Once the repair has been made, the customer can pick up the tool and get their $25 estimation fee waived.